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Personal Concierge Services Solve Time Issues

How many hours are in the day?  What do I need to accomplish today?  I will never make it to my child’s soccer game at 6 pm if I have to do…xyz….!  Do you wake up with a list that you know cannot be accomplished in your 24 hour day?  Are those questions you are asking yourself every single day?

Time management is a wonderful lifestyle skill that can help to alleviate your stress levels and make you more productive at work.  There is only one problem….the average work day has gone from 8 hours to 10-12 hours per day and even more in some cases.  With priorities that need to be accomplished at home and little time to get those priorities completed, what can you do?

Choosing a Personal ConciergeSelecting a Personal Concierge in Tampa Bay or anywhere for that matter is a very personal choice.  Asking yourself a few simple questions will make selecting a Personal Concierge quite simple though.

What Will Your Personal Concierge Be Doing?

The services offered by each Personal Concierge will vary greatly. You need to be sure that the one you select offers what you need.

Here is a list of possible services:

  • Errands large or small
  • Gift and Grocery Shopping
  • Returns
  • Personal shopping
  • House sitting/home watch
  • Snowbird home watch
  • Dog walking
  • Pet Care