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Archive for June, 2016

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Post With Panache

We have all seen people on social media whose posts seem to have more style or panache than anyone else’s because they use special symbols and characters to say exactly what they want to convey.  This can be you, without taking the time out to go find how to use the necessary keyboard shortcut each time you need one.  How?

By keeping a little image based cheat sheet handy!

The image below has most of the keyboard shortcuts you will ever need in one handy place.  Keep a shortcut to this on your desktop and you will always have it handy…

Life Hacks From Your Personal Concierge

Stay tuned for an assortment of Life Hacks from On Task Concierge Services.  These tidbits of information will make your life easier, keep you organized and are a great way to keep YOU on task!!

Personal Concierge Services

A book worth reading:  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. (Hardcover) by Marie Kondo

We live in a life that is filled with tasks, clutter and as such this can impose a feeling of chaos in our lives.  We want to feel in control of both our home and professional spaces.cluttered-1295494_640


What Can a Personal Concierge Do?

One step at a time.  A Personal Concierge can actually assist you in organizing your home or office space, but can also teach you how keep it that way.  Part of the disorganization in our lives is a learned behavior or simply lack of time to put things in order.