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Personal Concierge Service Archives

Many people think that they cannot afford a Personal Concierge or consider it a luxury they should not indulge in.  But, whaShould I Use A Personal Concierge? Comparing Price and Costt about your time and the price a Personal Concierge versus the cost of not using one?

                                Personal Concierge…?

The luxury of having an assistant or concierge to perform errands, help with home or office needs is not the luxury we used to think was only reserved for the wealthy or large corporations.  The term “Concierge” means “keeper of the keys”  or “gatekeeper” and was once reserved for hotels.  Today a Personal Concierge is someone that will help you get your day to day tasks accomplished, but not at the cost of loosing precious time with your family or having to take time off work to accomplish those tasks.

I appeared on the Consumer Quarterback Show on iHeart Radio with Brandon Rimes the other day. (June 29, 2016) and couldn’t be more thrilled! Brandon has great guests and always provides great content to his listeners.  Here is the whole show:


A book worth reading:  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. (Hardcover) by Marie Kondo

We live in a life that is filled with tasks, clutter and as such this can impose a feeling of chaos in our lives.  We want to feel in control of both our home and professional spaces.cluttered-1295494_640


What Can a Personal Concierge Do?

One step at a time.  A Personal Concierge can actually assist you in organizing your home or office space, but can also teach you how keep it that way.  Part of the disorganization in our lives is a learned behavior or simply lack of time to put things in order.

It’s that time of year!  Parties and celebrations galore.  Graduation parties, weddings, Memorial Day picnics, Anniversaries, Birthday parties or maybe a just a nice little end of the week wine and cheese event to help you get your weekend off to a great start!

A Personal Concierge is someone you can go to to assist you in all the details.   Invitations, planning, menu, shopping, gifts etc.  It can be all of these tasks or just one or two.  We all love a party, but hammering out all the details while you are juggling work, kids, home, etc. can be daunting.   cartoon-1255886_640

Do you enjoy spending hours in traffic, waiting in line, getting home from the market and then forgetting to get that all important item you need for dinner?  If so, then a Personal Concierge may be just what you need to erase that task from your “To Do List.”


There are may shopping services in the area that deliver right to your door.  But a Personal Concierge will know your specific wants and needs.  Your produce will be fresh,  what sale items may be the best bet for you and we can customize your list because your are our client and we know you!

Personal Concierge Services Solve Time Issues

How many hours are in the day?  What do I need to accomplish today?  I will never make it to my child’s soccer game at 6 pm if I have to do…xyz….!  Do you wake up with a list that you know cannot be accomplished in your 24 hour day?  Are those questions you are asking yourself every single day?

Time management is a wonderful lifestyle skill that can help to alleviate your stress levels and make you more productive at work.  There is only one problem….the average work day has gone from 8 hours to 10-12 hours per day and even more in some cases.  With priorities that need to be accomplished at home and little time to get those priorities completed, what can you do?

Choosing a Personal ConciergeSelecting a Personal Concierge in Tampa Bay or anywhere for that matter is a very personal choice.  Asking yourself a few simple questions will make selecting a Personal Concierge quite simple though.

What Will Your Personal Concierge Be Doing?

The services offered by each Personal Concierge will vary greatly. You need to be sure that the one you select offers what you need.

Here is a list of possible services:

  • Errands large or small
  • Gift and Grocery Shopping
  • Returns
  • Personal shopping
  • House sitting/home watch
  • Snowbird home watch
  • Dog walking
  • Pet Care