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A book worth reading:  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. (Hardcover) by Marie Kondo

We live in a life that is filled with tasks, clutter and as such this can impose a feeling of chaos in our lives.  We want to feel in control of both our home and professional spaces.cluttered-1295494_640


What Can a Personal Concierge Do?

One step at a time.  A Personal Concierge can actually assist you in organizing your home or office space, but can also teach you how keep it that way.  Part of the disorganization in our lives is a learned behavior or simply lack of time to put things in order.


Make A List For Your Personal Concierge

What do you need organized?  Your home office? Kitchen, Bedroom?  Start with one project and do that one task to completion.  So many times we try to tackle everything at once which then leads to disorganization and simply being counterproductive.

What Should I Do with My “Stuff”

We can actually purge many items that we have been collecting over the years that have stuffed in drawers and closets and never use.  It seems wasteful to just throw everything away.  Yes, some things we may want to keep for sentimental reasons and can re-purpose others.  But, donate your items to your favorite charity, church or organization.  Wchaos-485496_640hat better way to help those in need and everyone wins!

Time Management – Can a Personal Concierge Help?

Most of the time clutter and disorganization is simply due to a lack of time.  A Personal Concierge cannot only help organize your closets, kitchen and other parts of your home, but also give you more time in your life throughout your day so that clutter never becomes an issue.

Personal clutter and office clutter can create an environment that can render you nonproductive and create a nonharmonious lifestyle.  If you are seeking more time in your day or simply an opportunity to finally purge the past, a Personal Concierge will be able to fulfill your needs.paper-clip-23636_640









Have you considered the cost of not using a Personal Concierge with the price?  You may be surprised!

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