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Do you enjoy spending hours in traffic, waiting in line, getting home from the market and then forgetting to get that all important item you need for dinner?  If so, then a Personal Concierge may be just what you need to erase that task from your “To Do List.”


There are may shopping services in the area that deliver right to your door.  But a Personal Concierge will know your specific wants and needs.  Your produce will be fresh,  what sale items may be the best bet for you and we can customize your list because your are our client and we know you!

Why Did I Buy That?

I am sure we all go in the grocery store with a specific list of items, but when it comes to check out time….what is in the cart?  All of the items on your list, plus a few more, maybe quite a few more….this may add up to $20-$50 that you never intended on purchasing.

Impulse buying is indeed part of the marketing that grocery stores do best.  But a Personal Concierge will be able to make critical decisions and purchase only those items you intended….not all the extras!


What’s For Dinner?


As a Personal Concierge, not only are we available to do your grocery shopping, but what’s for dinner?  Would you like us to plan your menu for the week based upon your time, dietary needs and likes and dislikes.  You may have a pantry and refrigerator full of food, but now what?

Let us make it easy for you to assemble a quick, easy meal for you or your family and all you have to do is prepare and clean up.  Many people put a great deal of time and thought into what they want to have for dinner during the week, but usually it all boils down to what is easiest, quick, what will the kids eat.  Your time can be better spent and your menu will will not consists of Mac and Cheese every night or a “to-go” pizza.

Allow a Personal Concierge to assist you in your meal planning and grocery shopping needs.  The “fridge” is full…what is for dinner?  We are happy to help.



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