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Many people think that they cannot afford a Personal Concierge or consider it a luxury they should not indulge in.  But, whaShould I Use A Personal Concierge? Comparing Price and Costt about your time and the price a Personal Concierge versus the cost of not using one?

                                Personal Concierge…?

The luxury of having an assistant or concierge to perform errands, help with home or office needs is not the luxury we used to think was only reserved for the wealthy or large corporations.  The term “Concierge” means “keeper of the keys”  or “gatekeeper” and was once reserved for hotels.  Today a Personal Concierge is someone that will help you get your day to day tasks accomplished, but not at the cost of loosing precious time with your family or having to take time off work to accomplish those tasks.


Price versus Cost…What is the Price?


The price of a Personal Concierge is typically based on geographical area, tasks and various other factors.  Think of what you may need a Personal Concierge to do for you in your life?  Is is daily errands? Household organization? Office organization?  The list can be vast and all personal concierge services have different specialties and some are all inclusive.

Price Vs Cost for Personal Concierge Services

Personal Concierge – What is the Cost?

The cost of not having someone to assist you in you daily tasks will eventually cost you not only time, but money.  The ability to complete your work at the office and have time at the end of the day to spend with your family is priceless.  But, also consider the fact that you may have just been able to close a deal or have that meeting when you would have been out doing an errand or taking personal time that you could have use for something more useful.

As you are considering how many hours you have in your day to complete personal and professional tasks, do not take for granted the fact that time is money and one thing we do not have more of is time.


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