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It’s that time of year!  Parties and celebrations galore.  Graduation parties, weddings, Memorial Day picnics, Anniversaries, Birthday parties or maybe a just a nice little end of the week wine and cheese event to help you get your weekend off to a great start!

A Personal Concierge is someone you can go to to assist you in all the details.   Invitations, planning, menu, shopping, gifts etc.  It can be all of these tasks or just one or two.  We all love a party, but hammering out all the details while you are juggling work, kids, home, etc. can be daunting.   cartoon-1255886_640

Let Your Personal Concierge Help!

A Personal Concierge can meet with you and based on your likes and dislikes…come up with a plan that would be manageable for your schedule.  There are so many events and themes that you may be interested in, but cannot decide on exactly how to carry that out.  We can help you!


Let On Task Entertain “For You”

Usually the most difficult task to accomplish when planning a small event is the menu.  Do you want a specific theme?  Are there dietary restrictions for any of your guests?  Do you want the food catered, do you want to do the barbecuing and have some of the other dishes already prepared?


Serving Suggestions

There are so many themes that you can use for entertaining purposes, but the theme should fit the type of event that you are organizing.  Several food items come to  mind when planning an event.  Dessert first!!

Finding unique dessert items can really make your party.  For instance people just love chocolate. Why not feature an amazing flour-less chocolate cake485210_542638285769842_139133104_n at your next affair. GateauOChocolat has the most delicious flour-less chocolate cakes.  Rich, decadent and a perfect ending to one of your events!  Or possibly the best gift for the chocolate connoisseur.

Now that we have finished dessert, let’s do appetizers.  There are so many to choose from.  But my suggestion is plan for the type of event that your are having.  Is it a tailgate party or a wedding shower. Your personal concierge can help you plan what food is appropriate to the event.

Personally, I can usually find something uniquely appropriate and interesting enough to keep your guests talking about it for weeks.

Whether it is wine, cheese, dessert or the main entrée, let your Personal Concierge be part of the planning so you can relax and enjoy the time with your friends and family.


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